About Us

Consumers Union of Japan (CUJ) was founded in April 1969 and was officially certified as a non-profit organization on May 1, 2006 by the Japanese NPO legislation. We continue to be a non-political and financially independent organization (NGO). CUJ is funded by membership fees and donations. We publish a monthly newsletter, Shouhisha Report and books in Japanese.

Japan Resources was started by Consumers Union of Japan in 1980 in the form of a hand-made newsletter composed mainly of consumer-related clippings from English newspapers published in Japan, as well as petitions and other campaign material produced by CUJ. Over the years, it has evolved in its form to convey Japanese consumers’ voice to readers abroad. We, the editors, are proud of Japan Resources’ persistent history and thankful to our readers’ sustained support over all these years.

In March 2007 we started this official English website of CUJ. Welcome!

Note: CUJ’s Japanese Website has moved to a new server.