World Peace Now In Tokyo March 20, 2010

Peace groups are gathering at noon in Tokyo on Saturday for a big anti-war event on the 7th anniversary of the Iraq War. The booths with information as well as rally speeches start at 13:00.

Do join the parade, as they call the demonstration, starting at 15:00 from Shiba Koen #4.

Here are the organizations who arrange this World Peace Now event:

憲法改悪・市民連絡会 03(3221)4668
Kenpo Kaiaku Shimin Renrakukai

アジア太平洋平和フォーラム(APPF) 03(3252)7651
Asia Pacific Peace Forum (APPF)

日本消費者連盟 03(5155)4765
Consumers Union of Japan

ピースボート 03(3363)8047
Peace Boat

平和をつくり出す宗教者ネット 03(3461)9363
Heiwa wo Tsukuridasu Shukyosha Net
(Religious People’s Peace Network)