Japan Resources No 150: Special Biodiversity Issue

cuj-jr-150 (pdf) Japan Resources No 150: Special Biodiversity Issue

Biological Diversity & Organic Farming
2010 is the Year of Biological Diversity and here in Japan, we are preparing for the United Nations conference in Nagoya in October, 2010. In this special issue of our English newsletter you will find articles about experts and activists in Japan and from abroad with much to teach us about biodiversity and sustainable farming methods. We also publish a special two part interview about why “old” style vegetables taste better, the importance of healthy seeds, and the concerns associated with F1 hybrids and especially genetically modified organisms.

Feel free to download the pdf file and print it for your library.

– Editors

Biodiversity in Focus: Christine von Weizacker visits Japan
Organic Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Project Based on Humus: Notes from a Lecture by Uozumi Michio
Interview with Noguchi Isao: The Future of the Seed of Life
Japan Citizens’ Network for Planet Diversity

MOP5 Shimin Network