Japan Resources No 147


cuj-jr-147-full-graphics (pdf) Japan Resources No 147 (full graphics)

cuj-jr-147-low-graphics (pdf) Japan Resources No 147 (low graphics)

Rainy season has just begun and we got some torrential downpours, but today is sunny and humid in Tokyo. We are pleased to publish two more presentations from last year’s World Foodless Day, with a focus on food prices and how to improve Japan’s low food self-sufficiency rate.

Due to the many graphs and tables, we are publishing both a low-graphics version and a full graphic version this time. Please download the pdf file of your choice. – Editors


  • What caused the food price hikes during 2008?
  • To what level could Japan’s food self-sufficiency recover?
  • Moving Tokyo’s fish market
  • 5th GMO free regions conference
  • Symposium to celebrate 40 year anniversary of CUJ