PFAS Artifical Turf at Your School?

Artificial plastic turf, PFAS chemical pollution in Japan, how about it? Join us to stop it.

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Artificial turf is on the increase on playing fields, but also in school yards, children’s playgrounds and private gardens.

Plastic green space has attracted attention as a source of large amounts of microplastics, but it is not the only problem.

PFAS (organofluorine compounds) have been found in groundwater and river water in many parts of Japan above the national provisional guideline values and have become a social problem.

It has been pointed out that PFAS is also leaching from artificial turf.

Furthermore, the filler (rubber chips) used to make artificial turf elastic also contains substances that are carcinogenic and have an environmental hormone effect. Despite calls for a ‘plastic-free’ society, the number of dangerous plastic products continues to increase.