Statement Against GMO

GMO Statement (pdf)

Statement: Japanese Consumers Request Australian State Governments to Continue GM Moratorium

(October 12, 2007)

We, Japanese consumers, believe that we are now standing at a critical crossroads in assuring our food safety, because the Australian moratorium on genetically modified crops might be lifted.

Australia is today the only country that can supply GM-free canola to food-importing countries like Japan, now that Canadian canola, on which Japan has been heavily dependent for cooking oil, is highly susceptible to GM contamination.

We believe GM crops present a world-wide threat not only to food safety and security, but also to biodiversity and environment.

This is why we request the Australian state governments to continue their GM-free policies. A petition with the request has been signed by 155 Japanese consumers organisations, consumer cooperatives, labour organisations and cooking oil producers. The total number of their members reaches 2.9 million. The petition will be submitted in a joint campaign with Australian organisations in October 2007.