Japan Resources – 184

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From the Editors: Legal Issues

Group Lawsuit Filed Against TEPCO by Young People with Thyroid Cancer

Public Hearing on Genome-Edited Foods in Japan

Status of Genome-Edited Fish and Consumers Union of Japan (CUJ) Activities

Opinion on the Japanese Government’s Draft Guidelines on Non-use Labeling of Food Additives

From the Editors: Legal Issues

Welcome to issue No. 184 of Consumers Union of Japan’s English newsletter. This time we focus on recent legal developments including the first group lawsuit by people diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the tragic nuclear accident in Fukushima. Already, eleven years have passed and the suffering is on-going.

We also highlight the issue of genome-edited foods (which are not regulated) as well as efforts by the Japanese government regarding popular food labels that indicate that food does not contain artificial additives. Believe it or not, but the Japanese government wants to make such important information illegal.

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