Global Focus on Fighting against Antibiotic Resistance

Consumers International and its Members will be continuing to build pressure on KFC, McDonald’s and Subway in the run-up to the UN high level meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance, to be held in New York this September.

“McDonald’s and Yum! Brands (the parent company for KFC) have been holding their annual general meetings (AGMs) in May, 2016. Consumers International (CI) used both of these meetings to put pressure on the two companies to make global commitments on ending the use of antibiotics in their meat supply chains,” explains Amanda Long, director of CI.

Amanda Long says, “We will also be launching a pilot digital action with a number of our Members. This will allow supporters of the Antibiotics off the Menu campaign in participating Member countries to directly email KFC, McDonald’s and Subway to call on them to commit to ending the routine use of antibiotics important for human medicine in their global meat supply chains.”

CI will be working with Members to develop additional campaign ideas and support national campaigning activity in the months leading up to the UN high level meeting in September.