Biodiversity Day Event: Paige Tomaselli, Center for Food Safety

We are happy to welcome Paige Tomaselli, senior staff attorney at US-based Center for Food Safety, who will be speaking at 3 events in Tokyo in May. She is invited by Consumers Union of Japan, No! GMO Campaign and Japan Citizens’ Network for Sustainable Food & Agriculture. May 18 is International day of biological diversity and the events will focus on the threat to biodiversity from genetic engineering and GM crops.

May 17 (11:00-13:00) Current situtuation in USA, the world’s leading GMO producing country Place: Sangiin Giin Hall B107, Nagatacho station, Tokyo (Please meet in the lobby at 10:40) (500Yen)

May 18 (13:30-16:30) Genetically modified organisms, a threat to biological diversity Place: Seiryo Hall, Nagatacho station, Tokyo (1000 Yen)

May 20 (13:30-15:30) Opportunity to ask Paige Tomaselli about the GM food labelling initiative campaign and the efforts to stop Monsanto in the US Place: Tokyo Shohi Seikatsu Center, Iidabashi Central Plaza, 16F, Room A (500 Yen)

(Japanese experts will also speak at these meetings. Interpretation to English will not be available.)

Read more about the Center for Food Safety!

Top photo from the campaign for better food labelling in California