Japan Resources No 154

CUJ JR 154 (pdf) Japan Resources No 154

Thank you for visiting the English web site of Consumers Union of Japan. We have recently renewed our Japanese web site to better reflect all our campaigns both domestically and internationally.

Consumers Union of Japan (NPO Nihon Shohisha Renmei)

As we prepare to celebrate the bonenkai to end 2011, we also look forward to 2012, the year of the dragon!

Feel free to download the pdf file of Japan Resources No 154 and print it for your library.

– Editors


GMO Free Zone Registration Status Report (2001)
Organic Farming in Japan: Lessons for the World
Consumers Against TPP Negotiations
Genetically Modified Papaya: Consumer Reaction
BSE: Keep Strict Rules to Eradicate Mad Cow Disease
Protest Letter: Withdraw Plans to Reexamine Japan’s Strict BSE Measures!
Don’t forget the people who survived the tsunami in Tohoku