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Stop the Cultivation of GM Rice

Strong International Solidarity Can Stop the Cultivation of GM Rice and New GMO Rice

We send a message of solidarity from Japan to all those who are fighting to stop the cultivation of Genetically Modified Yellow Rice (Golden Rice) in the Philippines.

The increased domination of seeds by multinational corporations is being extended to the control of food and agriculture on a global scale. International organizations such as IRRI and national governments are supporting this escalating trend. In addition, there is a growing movement toward the cultivation of GMOs and New GMOs in staple foods, taking advantage of the Covid virus pandemic disaster.

We understand that in the Philippines, the cultivation of GM Yellow Rice is currently being pushed forward. In Japan, the application of genome-edited rice is also under consideration. In addition to seed domination, we regard these technologies as a direct threat to biodiversity and our food security.

We call this our strong international kizuna, the firm emotional bond of solidarity that connects us. This is how we promote our efforts to resist the schemes by multinational corporations and governments. We are really happy that the farmers and consumers of the Philippines and other Asian countries and Japan are working together in this way. If citizens around the world are connected through kizuna, we believe it is possible to stop the cultivation of GM rice and New GMO rice varieties.

Let’s work together.

1 April 2022

Consumers Union of Japan

NO! GMO Campaign