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Protect Organic Agriculture from Genetic Engineering

Genome-edited tomato seedlings are being distributed, and genome-edited foods, a new genetic engineering technology, are about to appear on our dinner tables without labeling. Currently, there is no obligation to label genetically-edited seeds and seedlings, and the distribution of genome-edited crops has become a major problem, especially for organic farming, which is designed to ensure safety and security and to preserve the ecosystem.

We have gathered the voices of consumers, producers, and businesses, and have been collecting signatures since February 2021, calling for the labeling of genetic engineering on seeds and seedlings, as a first step toward genetic engineering labeling. We will submit the results to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, convey our requests, and exchange opinions. Please join us. You can also participate online.

Application form (in Japanese) here

Date: 30 July 2021 (Friday) 13:30-15:30

Place: Members’ Office Building of the House of Councillors B107


Fukushima 10 Years Later: Voices From the Continuing Nuclear Disaster

On the 10th anniversary of one of the worst nuclear accidents at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and amid the controversial decision of the Japanese government to dump “treated” radioactive water into the ocean, Japanese NGOs Friends of the Earth Japan and Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) co-produced a documentary film Fukushima 10 Years Later: Voices from the continuing nuclear disaster. The film sheds light on the ongoing suffering of victims of the accident and poses critical questions about the Japanese government’s poor responses to the accident.

While then-Prime Minister Abe vainly declared to the world that “the situation in Fukushima is completely under control”, nuclear decays are continuing inside the molten fuel rods, and the exploded plants are still emitting radioactive particles to this day. In the meanwhile, evacuees are torn apart in limbo, with grim hopes of returning to their homeland, continued fear of radioactive fallout, and a dire socio-economic situation. Fisherfolk, who overcame the initial fear of ocean contamination, are forced to relive the experience each time TEPCO and the Japanese government repeatedly choose to release contaminated water into the ocean.

This happens all under the propaganda that Fukushima is pressing ahead with “Fukkou (Recovery)”. This video aims to highlight the current situation of the victims of the man-made disaster, and challenge the government propaganda of Fukushima’s Recovery.

Fukushima 10 Years Later: Voices from the continuing nuclear disaster
Produced by Friends of the Earth Japan and Pacific Asia Resource Center
Supervised by Hosokawa Komei (Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy)
Directed by Matsumoto Hikaru (Friends of the Earth Japan)
Running time: 43 min.

The English subtitled version of the film is now available on Vimeo on Demand:
Cost: (rental) 600 Yen (purchase) 4,950 Yen
For further information on the film, please contact OKUMURA Yuto, Pacific Asia Resource Center