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Consumers Want Better Food Labels!

Japan GM label campaign 2015

Revision of Japan’s Food Labelling System Advances at Snail’s Pace Food labelling in Japan is handled by the Consumer Affairs Agency, but since the enforcement of the Food Labeling Act in April 2015, the agency has been busy with the … Read More

Posted October 21st, 2015 in Food

Protest Action Against Arms Trade


Protest Action against Japan’s new Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) under the Department of Defense on October 1, 2015 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his administration has done everything in his power to change Japan’s peace constitution, defying the … Read More

Posted October 13th, 2015 in Civil Rights, Trade

Consumers Union of Japan Strongly Opposes the TPP Agreement

Consumers Union of Japan strongly opposes the TPP agreement as a whole, which we regard as a threat to our rights, and calls for a movement to prevent Japan from participating in the TPP October 5, 2015 Consumers Union of … Read More

Posted October 7th, 2015 in Civil Rights, TPP