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Japan Resources No. 160

Here is the latest Japan Resources, our English newsletter, in pdf format. Do print it out for your library or send to anyone who may be interested. We compile news like this because it is easier to read than a website… And this is our 160th issue since starting this service back in 1980! There wasn’t much in English about Japanese NGO activities or campaigns from the civil sector, and of course that has changed since then, but we still believe Japan Resources has a role to play.

We warmly welcome your support, and if you want to make a contribution*, please contact the office.


Japan Resources No. 160

CUJ JR 160


45th Anniversary of CUJ
Letter from Consumers in Japan to Protest Against GMOs in Bangladesh
International Biodiversity Day Symposium
Japan Should Withdraw from TPP Negotiations Immediately
WikiLeaks Releases Secret Information About TPP Environment Chapter
Reform of the Power System

*Consumers Union of Japan depends entirely on our members for support. We don’t take any cash from government or business, and that’s how we stay totally independent. Since 1969!