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Protest Against The New State Secrecy Law

Please send a message to express your concern about the new State Secrecy Law by November 7, 2013

The proposed State Secrecy Law will most likely be adopted this week by Japan’s Parliament, where the LDP can get a majority together with Komeito. However, many opposition lawmakers are trying to rally against the bill. They need your support! Please express your concern for how this new Law may violate people’s right to know. The clauses in the proposed Law are very vague on what exactly a “state secret” may be. It goes against democratic principles and at different events, answers to questions have not been properly answered.

We call for citizens and people living in Japan to send the following demands to the leaders of the oppositions parties:

1. The proposed National Security Council has many issues that remain great problems. The deliberation has been insufficient and more debate is necessary.

2. The State Secrets Act also has numerous problems which were not recognized during the deliberation process.

Please send your message to:

Ooshima Atsushi (DPJ)
FAX 03-3508-3380

Fujii Takao (SP)
FAX 03-3508-3815

Banri Kaeda (DPJ)
FAX 03-3508-3316

You can also send a message directly through the website of the Democratic Party of Japan:

Thank you!