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Japan Resources No 153

CUJ JR 153 (pdf) Japan Resources No 153

Japan finds itself in an extraordinary situation, 6 months after the massive 9.0 earthquake and tsunami On March 11, 2011. The nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, where 4 reactors were damaged, is still not under full control. This issue of Japan Resources deals with the aftermath, after a long hot summer with setsuden, voluntary reductions of electricity consumption, as the nation faces an unprecedented energy crisis. Consumers have gotten the message, but much work remains at all levels. We also want to thank everyone for their kind messages of condolences and support.

Feel free to download the pdf file and print it for your library.

– Editors


Stop the TPP Agreement
Earthquake and Tsunami in Tohoku
Urgent Proposal Regarding Emergency Measures for Pregnant Women and Children in the Tohoku Region
Food Contaminated by Radioactive Substances
Action June 11: No Nuclear Power
Pollution Problems in Tohoku Need More Attention
Regarding Food Safety