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Japan Resources No 148

cuj-jr-148 (pdf) Japan Resources No 148 We are having warm days and chilly evenings right now in Tokyo, with a lot of activities and conferences, in addition to the busy political climate. Here is our English newsletter. We think you will … Read More

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Cloning In Japan Has “Failed”

Report From Our Visit to the National Livestock Breeding Center: NLBC Researchers Recognize “Failure of Cloning” By Koketsu Michiyo, CUJ/FSCW   Food Safety Citizens Watch visited the National Livestock Breeding Center (NLBC) in Fukushima Prefecture on September 9, 2009. This … Read More

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World Foodless Day 2009

Today CUJ celebrates World Foodless Day 2009 at an event at the Tokyo Women’s Plaza in Shibuya, Tokyo with many NGOs, including PAN Japan, Tanemaki, Coop Shizenha in Tokushima, and other groups that focus on natural agriculture and rice farming, protecting rice … Read More

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The Problem With Econa Food Oil

Applying the “Precautionary Principle” would help Japan avoid problems like the Econa food oil scandal In September, Kao Corp. announced [1] that it would “temporarily” stop sales of its best-selling Econa food oil products, called Enova in North America [2]. … Read More

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7000 People Saying No To Nuclear!


By Tomiyama Yoko, Consumers Union of Japan/Co-chair of No Nukes Festa 2009 On October 3, 2009 a big manifestation with 7000 people from all over Japan met in Meiji Park, Tokyo for the No Nukes Festa 2009. The theme of … Read More

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