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What Caused the Food Price Hikes During 2008?


Here is the presentation made by Yasuaki YAMAURA, Secretary General of Consumers Union of Japan (CUJ), as one of the programs at the World Foodless Day in Tokyo on October 16, 2008. The Present Situation of the Food Crisis   In … Read More

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Japan Resources No 146

cuj-jr-146 (pdf) Japan Resources No 146 Cold and sunny in Tokyo today – it is February and we are pleased to publish our latest issue of Japan Resources. Read about how Genetically Modified foods are accelerating the global food crisis, our … Read More

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Avon Awards to Women for Kamiyama Michiko, FSCW

Kamiyama Michiko (r) receives Avon Award

  Mrs. Kamiyama Michiko from Food Safety Citizens’ Watch was one of the recipients of the Avon Awards to Women in 2008. The prestigious prize has been awarded since 1979 to opinion leaders, welfare activists, volunteers, scientists, politicians and writers. … Read More

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