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World Foodless Day in Tokyo


Rising food prices, food contamination, reduced food production induced by climate change — food insecurity is spreading all over the world.  Japan is suffering from low food self-sufficiency (barely 40% on calorie basis), a string of food safety scandals and … Read More

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Rice Scandal: Protest Declaration and Questions

080919-cuj-rice-contamination (pdf) September 16, 2008 To: Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Mr. Masuzoe Yoichi Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Mr. Seiichi Ota From: Food Safety Citizens’ Watch Kamiyama Michiko (Representative) Consumers Union of Japan Tomiyama Yoko (Chairperson) Protest Declaration … Read More

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Join the World Foodless Day events in Tokyo!

We invite you to join the World Foodless Day, an alternative to the UN World Food Day, in defense of people’s food sovereignty, the right to food for all, and land to landless farmers. NGOs in Japan will organise events … Read More

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International Conference on Consumer Policy


Consumers Union of Japan participated in the International Conference on Consumer Policy, held in Tokyo on September 9, 2008. The theme was “The Future of Consumer Policy for a Globalized Society” and over 200 people attended. We were glad to … Read More

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