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Tokyo Actions against the G8 summit


The G8 summit will be held in Hokkaido, Japan. On July 7-9, head of states from just eight of the world’s countries will gather together at Lake Toya. There they will make decisions on the future in the world, protected … Read More

Posted June 25th, 2008 in Trade

Report from the Planet Diversity Conference in Bonn, Germany


Consumers Union of Japan participated together with other Japanese NGOs at the large Planet Diversity conference in Bonn, Germany on May 12-16, 2008. It was a global congress on the future of food and agriculture, with a demonstration to celebrate … Read More

Posted June 17th, 2008 in Biotechnology

Evaluate the Food Safety Commission!

Japan does not have any equivalent to the US Food and Drug Administration, and there is no Commissioner for Health and Consumer Affairs like in the European Union. Yet, recent events have shown that food safety is a huge concern … Read More

Posted June 10th, 2008 in Food

Global Article 9 Declaration to Abolish War


Ms. Yoko Tomiyama, CUJ’s veteran activist and chairperson, participated in the huge Global Article 9 conference at Makuhari, Chiba on May 4-6, 2008. A Declaration (pdf) was adopted by participants of the Global Article 9 Conference to Abolish War, endorsed … Read More

Posted June 6th, 2008 in Japan Resources