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Protest Against Decision to Cancel the GM Moratorium

Japanese consumers have written to Victoria and New South Wales in Australia, to protest against the two states’ decision to start allowing genetically modified crops:

Protest Against Decision to Cancel the GM Moratorium

11 December, 2007

The No! GMO Campaign would like to take this opportunity to strongly protest against the decision that your state has taken to cancel the moratorium against GM crops.

In October 2007, The No! GMO Campaign submitted a request to your states that the GM moratorium should be kept in place. This request was signed by 155 different organizations, representing some 2,900,000 consumers. We have concluded that since cultivation of Genetically Modified crops inevitably will lead to GM pollution of the environment, it will become a serious problem for Japanese consumers to continue buying canola products from Australia.

By canceling the GM moratorium we cannot but feel that you have ignored the request of Japanese consumers. We are angry that you took such a regrettable decision in spite of our efforts to communicate our wishes in a sincere manner. Starting the cultivation of GM canola in your state will not only create problems for Japanese consumers, but also for Australian farmers and consumers. In conclusion, we strongly hope your state will reconsider this unfortunate decision and once more take action to restrict the cultivation of GM crops.

Keisuke Amagasa, Chairperson

No! GMO Campaign

Nishi Waseda 1-9-19-207
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan

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