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Japan Resources No. 140

Japan Resources No. 140 CONTENTS: Opposition Statement Regarding US Beef April 2007 ADB NGO Symposium ADB: “Globalization and Japanese Agriculture” Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement-A bad deal should be stopped OIE Rates the United States as a “Controlled Risk” Country “We … Read More

Posted August 28th, 2007 in Japan Resources

Keep Australia’s GM Moratorium!

Keep Moratorium on GM Canola (pdf) The No! GMO Campaign and a large number of Japanese consumer organizations, including CUJ, and other NGOs are urging Australian local governments to keep the moratorium against genetically modified crops. Japan imports non-GM canola … Read More

Posted August 7th, 2007 in Biotechnology

Invitation: Dioxin Pollution Forum

Agenda Updated (pdf) An international NGO Forum on Dioxin Pollution will be held in Tokyo september 1-2, 2007. There will be reports from Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden and the United States, including discussions and Q&A session. The venue is JICA … Read More

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