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Biosafety Expert Meeting In Quezon City, Philippines


Consumers Union of Japan and the No! GMO Campaign participated in a four-day meeting in the Philippines in November, to discuss the risks associated with genetically modified organisms (GMO). Of particular interest was the ambush by the biotech industry in … Read More

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Protect Life And Biological Diversity; Oppose Genetically Modified Food And TPP!


An Appeal from the NO! GMO Campaign in Japan As part of our participation in Collective Rice Action (CORA) 2012 June 1, 2012 Protect life and biological diversity; oppose genetically modified food and TPP! We are very concerned about the … Read More

Posted June 6th, 2012 in Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Food Security, North-South, TPP, Trade

Lecture Series: Consumers’ Perspective on the TPP Problem

Consumers Union of Japan and other organizations have jointly started a lecture series to discuss the problems with free trade agreements from the consumers’ perspective. During the APEC meeting in the fall of 2011, the Noda Administration expressed that Japan … Read More

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Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

By Yamaura Yasuaki, Consumers Union of Japan In October 2010, Prime Minister Kan suddenly declared in a policy speech to the Parliament that Japan would participate in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). There is strong opposition coming not only from … Read More

Posted February 2nd, 2011 in Food, Food Security, FTA, TPP, Trade

Yokohama APEC People’s Declaration


Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is an economic forum promoting the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investments, economic and technical cooperation, and related issues. Many NGOs from Japan and other coutries participated in the No! APEC Yokohama People’s Forum. Yokohama People’s … Read More

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Why Are Consumers Opposing TPP?

The Problems of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement Yamaura Yasuaki Secretary General of Consumers Union of Japan November 3, 2010 (1) The Problems of FTA/EPA Currently, the participation in TPP is a very large political issue for Japan. We regard … Read More

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Recent Food Activism

Rice trust movement event in Aigamo, Ibaragi prefecture, Japan

Consumers Union of Japan works closely with a number of local groups around the country and abroad, to promote consumer rights, peace, food safety and food security and many other issues. Here are some recent stories from our office in … Read More

Posted June 9th, 2010 in Biotechnology, Food Security, North-South

Press Release: Soybean Trust Movement Conference Declaration

  12 years of campaigning for more domestic soybeans in Japan Soybean Field Trust Movement: Nationwide Meeting in Shinjo, Japan  Press Release: Conference Declaration  Today, we have returned to Shinjo City in Yamagata Prefecture 12 years after the Soybean Trust … Read More

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World Foodless Day 2009

Today CUJ celebrates World Foodless Day 2009 at an event at the Tokyo Women’s Plaza in Shibuya, Tokyo with many NGOs, including PAN Japan, Tanemaki, Coop Shizenha in Tokushima, and other groups that focus on natural agriculture and rice farming, protecting rice … Read More

Posted October 16th, 2009 in Food Security

To what level could Japan’s food self-sufficiency recover?


A quantitative analysis based on the Food Demand-Supply Table, the Guideline of Nutritional Requirement for the Japanese people, and the Local Production-Local Consumption principle Toshiki MASHIMO Paper presented at the World Foodless Day in Tokyo, October 16, 2008 The current … Read More

Posted June 10th, 2009 in Food Security