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Japan Resources No 152

CUJ JR 152 (pdf) Japan Resources No 152

Celebrating the end of a busy year here in Waseda today, we are also pleased to release No 152 of Japan Resources. 2010 has been shaped by the large international conference in Nagoya in October. The United Nations MOP5/COP10 conference for biological diversity was of particular interest to Consumers Union of Japan and the many groups we work together with both locally and around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in this important conference.

Feel free to download the pdf file and print it for your library.

– Editors


Special Report: Genetically Modified Canola Contamination In Japan – A Call For Action In Nagoya 2010!
Press Release: Declaration Regarding The Adoption Of The Nagoya-Kuala Lumpur Supplemental Protocol
Why Are Consumers Opposing TPP?
Detailed Analysis Of The Results From Nagoya
“Add Organic Foods To The Eco Point System!”
Yokohama APEC People’s Declaration

Yokohama APEC People’s Declaration

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is an economic forum promoting the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investments, economic and technical cooperation, and related issues. Many NGOs from Japan and other coutries participated in the No! APEC Yokohama People’s Forum.

Yokohama People’s Declaration (Summary)

November 14,2010

The No! APEC Yokohama People’s Forum gathered on November 13-14, 2010 in Yokohama, Japan to protest against the APEC meeting held in the city. The executive committee consists of various individuals, citizens, workers, labour unions, civic groups, NGOs, and gender groups who oppose the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), issuing the following joint declaration:

The official Yokohama Vision presented at the APEC meeting has three pillars: regional economic integration, growth strategies, and secure communities. It boasts of the high economic growth in the Asia-Pacific Ocean nations, clinging to the myth of future economic growth. The content related to secure communities appears to despise the real security of citizens, instead valuing security of capital. We oppose the APEC Yokohama Vision, because it does not at all reflect the voice of the general public.

The following is a summary of the issues we discussed in great detail in subcommittee meetings. Consequently, the views were confirmed by all of the participants in the No! APEC Yokohama People’s Forum. Continue reading Yokohama APEC People’s Declaration

Japan Resources No 148

cuj-jr-148 (pdf) Japan Resources No 148

We are having warm days and chilly evenings right now in Tokyo, with a lot of activities and conferences, in addition to the busy political climate. Here is our English newsletter. We think you will find this issue particularly interesting, with articles about nuclear energy protests, the “failure” of cloning as well as food safety. Feel free to download the pdf file and print it for your library.

– Editors


The Problem With Econa Oil
Protect Biodiversity At MOP 5 In Nagoya
Consumer Agency And Consumer Committee – Our Concerns
7000 People Saying No To Nuclear
Cloning: The Real problem In Japan
Researchers Recognize: “Cloning Has Failed”

Strong Concerns About New Consumer Agency, Consumer Committee

Consumer Agency and Consumer Committee:

Launch amid Strong Concerns about Structure, Members and more

By Yamaura Yasuaki

Secretary General of of Consumers Union of Japan

Japan’s LDP-led government scrambled to launch the Consumer Agency and the Consumer Committee on September 1, 2009. It was clear that the launch was rushed to happen while Taro Aso was still prime minister, but the LDP-selected Sumita Hiroko, who was expected to be chairman, refused to participate after criticism. Then Hayashi Fumiko from car company Nissan Co. refused to take the helm in order to participate in the election instead. Hiwasa Nobuko from food maker Snow Brand Milk Products Co. who has previously served as secretary-general of the National Liaison Committee of Consumers’ Organizations (Shodanren) was chosen as a member while one other post is still vacant.

Why is the president of Asahi Breweries Ltd. a member of the Consumer Committee?!

Eventually, Matsumoto Tsuneo from the Hitotsubashi University Law School was elected as chairman of the Consumer Committee. Representing consumers, the members are Sano Mariko from Japan Housewives’ Association, Shimoyachi Fujiko from Japan Association of Consumer Affairs Specialists, Sakurai Keiko from Gakushuin University, Tajima Makoto from Jissen Women’s Educational University, journalist Kawada Keiko and lawyer Nakamura Masato from Japan Federation of Bar Associations. In addition, Ikeda Koichi, who is president of Asahi Breweries Ltd. was selected to represent the corporate sector.

This committee was nominated without any transparency by outgoing consumer minister Seiko Noda of the notoriously opaque LDP administration and the LDP-led Cabinet Office. The Consumer Committee is supposed to deal with matters involving consumer protection, but we cannot say from the consumer perspective that unexpectedly including representatives from the corporate sector will be seen as making the Consumer Committee independent nor will it enable the committee to give advice to the Prime Minister or the Consumer Agency. Continue reading Strong Concerns About New Consumer Agency, Consumer Committee